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As everyone knows, today is the age of the internet. Almost, the world population is using the internet and converting their businesses on the internet world. Every person even children are familiar with the online world and the usage of the internet. Every single person has an approach to online things and definitely using various sources for it. Some of them are on Personal computers, some are having laptops, and the majority holding mobile phones in their hands. Mobile phones, not just simple keypads or calling cells, mostly have smartphones. Modern technology makes our lives very fast easy and full of facilities.

On the internet, you require an appropriate emergence to present yourself in front of the online community. Different people use different ways, some of them use social media on different platforms. But social media is not the right option for your professional career or for your business. Then what is the best? How we can guess what the perfect path to grow is? What is the right way to grow and present in the online world?

The best option for you and for your business expansion is having a good-looking website. Yes, the website will reflect your personality in a positive manner and enhance your social value. A great visionary website will give a large number of customers to your online store. People will see you on the internet and visit your outlet. It’s not just visiting or buying anything, by providing services to your people, you are serving your nation. A website with a world-famous domain extension can make everything possible. .com is the number one domain extension on the internet.

What is .com Domain?

.com is the TLD (top-level domain) in the domain name system of the internet. The word com comes from a commercial. The first time, .com was added on 15, March 1985. At first, the basic purpose was commercial use, but now, it is used for general purposes and is widely regarded as the standard for TLDs. Today if we see on the internet, .com is the largest domain extension existing in a large number of websites. 

Who can use .com Domain?

Any internet user who wants to introduce themselves on the internet through any blog or website can register a website with .com. No matter this website is about any commercial, business, food, clothing, tourism, educational, or personal use. Without the reserved domain names and trademarks, you can get registration with .com.

With the rest of the world, in Pakistan, millions of websites are working on the internet. In these websites, some are registered with .com, .pk,, and many are with second-level and third-level domain names. In Pakistan, the PKNIC registry is responsible and has all rights to register .pk,, or any other third-level domain.

Why .com Instead of .pk?

Question is arise in your mind that why should I register my website domain name with the .com extension. If yes, then the answer to the query is the expansion of your business. Yes, with .pk you can attract your local community. To attract Pakistani people and show your devotions to Pak is the best option to use the .pk domain. But if your target is the International world and wants to grow outside Pakistan and wants to allure the International population, then without using .com extension you cannot achieve your goals. Because this domain extension is using and searching on the world level. When one search in another corner of the earth, he/she gets mostly result with this specific domain. And the big thing is .com domain is cheaper in Pakistan than any ccTLD and having worldwide users. It’s mean it is popular, wow!

Benefits of .com Domain?

Being an internet user, you have the knowledge of its significance. As technology is growing and progressing, everyone is converting his/her business on the internet and not just want to serve in one country, he/she want to serve in the whole world. If you also want to offer your services in many other countries, you should have strong searching content on your site. .com makes possible it to show your website in top searches. There are many different advantages of the .com domain; some of are listed below:

  • It boosts your website and business.
  • Rank your website in Google search
  • Helps you to make a good income.
  • Contributes to the country’s prosperity.

Registration in Pakistan:

.com is getting popular each day. In Pakistan, on daily basis, hundreds of websites are registering with .com. This popularity and became the .com is cheaper in price but precious for the internet. Online stores are working on a large scale in Pakistan and outside the country. Registration providing companies offering .com and others ccTLD like .pk, .ae, etc. Your website domain with rank your site in a good place. Because it will boost on the country and global level. You can buy cheap .com Domain in Pakistan very easily.

Cost and Registration .com:

When you search for domain registration on the internet, you will be entertained by many different websites. There you will see exciting and surprising offers. But stop, don’t click to place your order. Because many of them will attract you by showing low prices, but one time when you order, they will charge you with hidden prices. So, storm your mind and select the most popular and 24/hours customer service-providing company. Pk Domain is the best, trusted, and reliable registration company providing you cheap .com domain in Pakistan. You can register your website for just Rs. 1495/year. The maximum time limit of registration is ten years, before the end of the contract, you have to renew it.

Who is Providing Registration?

Many registration companies in Pakistan are paying their devotions for the beloved countries under the PKNIC registry. Several registrar and resellers are working and serving for the betterment of information and internet technology. As technology growing, everyone is trying to contribute to this race. In our country, PK Domain is an excellent registrar who has been working on a national and international basis for the last 12 years.

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